Horse Grazing Paddocks

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The Parks Trust’s property portfolio includes 45 permanent paddocks and five temporary paddocks throughout the city. 39 of these paddocks are used to graze horses and/or ponies only. License agreements are charged per space (1 space = one horse or pony).

Our paddocks vary in size, where there are multiple paddocks in one area, these are typically leased under one license as pairs or groups where the overall size or ground conditions throughout the year require rotational grazing to manage the land effectively. Most paddocks are within easy riding distance of the bridleway network.

Our paddocks are usually at full capacity. If you wish to express an interest in becoming a tenant, please email or phone 01908 233600.

We use the remaining paddocks that we care for to host dog training sessions. For further information about horse paddocks, please refer to our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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