New parks for a growing city

New park being landscaped in development area1banner.jpg

Milton Keynes continues to grow. The proposed development plan for the city, Plan:MK prepared by Milton Keynes Council, sets out that a minimum of 26,500 new dwellings will be delivered across the Borough between 2016 and 2031, with most of this growth focused on and adjacent to the existing urban area of Milton Keynes. The proposed Plan:MK also sets out that a further 132 hectares (326 acres) of land will be developed for employment use (warehousing, offices and industry).

Further to this, sites on the edge of Milton Keynes that fall within the adjoining local authorities of Aylesbury Vale District Council and Central Bedfordshire Council, are also identified as potential growth areas.

As an independent charity dedicated to providing and maintaining parks, The Parks Trust seeks to influence the development plans that will shape how Milton Keynes grows so that the network of green space, sometimes referred to as green infrastructure, is expanded as the city grows. We aim to ensure that new developments deliver the same quantity and quality of inter-connected green infrastructure as the longer-established area of the city.

Our aim is also to encourage the planning authorities and developers to pass new parks and green spaces that are laid out in growth areas into the care of The Parks Trust. We believe that, in most cases, the Trust will be the best-placed organisation to manage and maintain these green areas for the benefit of the public.

Some of the main developments currently in progress around Milton Keynes that will include new parks and green spaces are: