Licensed Fitness Instructors

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Many licensed fitness instructors use the parks in Milton Keynes. Our parks provide great venues for outdoor fitness.

Current licensed fitness operators operating in our parks can be seen below.

All fitness operations require a license to trade.  We license operators to ensure that:

  •          Instructors/courses are fully insured
  •          All activities are fully risk assessed
  •          Trainers are qualified to teach/coach chosen activity
  •          Access to and use of public parks is not inhibited by any activities

To enquire about availability and suitability for running a fitness group in the parks please send your enquiry to the Events & Community Engagement Manager on 01908 233600 or 

Fees and charges

Fees apply to any group sizes greater than three people. The maximum number of participants per session is 25. For personal training (one instructor with a maximum of two clients), there is currently no charge however you will still need to apply for a license.

Fees are based on the number of days that your activity operates and the number of sites that the activity operates in.

The annual fee calculation for new instructors is £140 + VAT per operating day per site annualised so if you operate on two days per week on one site, the fee would be £280 + VAT per year. (Please note the fitness licence fee will increase slightly in line with inflation each financial year).

Only licensed operators are allowed to operate in the parks, this ensures that all activities are fully insured and safe for all park users.

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