Newlands Remembrance Walk

    Enjoy a stroll down memory lane at ‘Newlands Remembrance Walk’

    The Trust receives numerous enquiries each year from people who would like a place where they can remember their loved ones, often with requests for benches or trees. In response to this, we have dedicated the area that links Campbell Park to Willen Lake as a special place of remembrance. The project has included 12 memorial benches being added (all which have now been allocated) and the planting of an avenue of Lime trees which line either side of the walk. Further tree planting along with the development of a wildflower meadow.

    The scheme was inspired by the need for people to have more public spaces which they can use to remember loved ones together with a vision to create something special in this area and the opportunity to plant more trees in the city. Ella Magwood of PRC Architecture and Planning volunteered to help create the landscape layout and visuals for the scheme on behalf of her organisation. Initial planting will began in January 2021 with 48 Lime trees (Tilia Cordata ‘Winter Orange’).

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    Artist impressions of the Newlands Remembrance Walk by Ella Magwood



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