Acquisition, Disposal and Development of Land

    This section explains our policy for the acquisition, disposal or development of the green estate owned by The Parks Trust. Our policy can be found here.

    Our policy for the acquisition, disposal or development of land

    The Trust has a general presumption against development of its green estate, which comprises parkland and highway corridor land, but we will keep our green estate under review and may consider development on some areas in certain circumstances – this is explained in more detail in our policy.
    Most of the Trust's land is held on a 999 year lease from Milton Keynes Council and the Trust cannot develop any of this land without Milton Keynes Council's consent. This is additional to any planning consent that would be necessary for development. Also, it should be remembered that the primary charitable objective of The Parks Trust is to provide, maintain and equip green spaces in and around Milton Keynes and everything we do and every penny that we make and spend must be to further our charitable objects.

    The Trust believes in working responsibly with partners and local people to respond to the changing circumstances of different generations in a fast growing and dynamic city. From time to time the Trust is approached about giving up an interest in a piece of land and we also make it clear in our policy concerning the acquisition, disposal or development of land that we may, in certain circumstances, identify areas that could be disposed of or developed. The Trust makes any such decision to release land for development based on clear criteria which has been carefully drawn up and listed in the policy. Of course, any such development could only occur with the Council's consent and with planning permission.
    Notwithstanding our policy of keeping our green estate under review the Trust remains committed to:

    • increasing the overall amount of parkland in Milton Keynes and
    • ensuring that the quality of the city's green spaces and environment is enhanced over time.

    If you have any questions about our policy please contact