Code of Conduct

At The Parks Trust we strive to ensure that we have a respectful, inclusive, safe and supportive environment for all.

We believe that everyone who comes into contact with us should be treated with dignity and respect – this includes our staff, trustees and volunteers as well as general public and users and consumers of our parks, our products and our services. We want people to feel that they are in a safe and supportive environment. This applies to everyone: we do not tolerate any discrimination, including around age, disability, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or class. In this regard, we will be swift to act in response to any allegations of discriminatory behaviour towards any person who comes in to contact with The Parks Trust.

The Parks Trust recognises its responsibility to create an inclusive culture beyond protected characteristics, and we strive to make The Parks Trust a place free from harm or inappropriate behaviour. Going further than the minimum is very much part of our organisational culture and is aligned with our values; we are Committed, Inspirational and Collaborative. We continue to build a culture where people’s wellbeing and mental health are valued and promoted across our team and our services, and we encourage all our stakeholders to also invest in theirs.

As part of our culture around inclusion, we realise people experience harm in different ways, including in ways not immediately obvious. We believe we have a role to help educate ourselves and our stakeholders when this happens. We will work to prevent this, helping facilitate communication in a safe environment and seek redress where it is needed. Unfortunately, harm can also be intentional and deliberate. On this, we will be uncompromising and robust in our approach.

It is a priority for The Parks Trust to ensure the safety of all of our stakeholders and to protect those who have been harmed.

The Parks Trust:
  • stands against and has a clear approach to prevent abuse of trust and power including bullying, intimidation, harassment, discrimination or victimisation in all its activities
  • encourages a culture that supports the reporting and resolution of allegations, suspicions, or concerns about abuse of any kind or inappropriate behaviour
  • ensures that anyone working or volunteering for The Parks Trust understands the expectations placed upon them, and provides the relevant training to support them in meeting their responsibilities
  • ensures that anyone who works or volunteers for The Parks Trust, or uses its services, has access to proper support and advice if they;
    • experience or witness unacceptable behaviour
    • raise a concern or make an allegation about the actions of others
    • don’t feel safe.

Stakeholders of The Parks Trust are requested to:

  • Communicate and respect boundaries, bearing in mind that they are different for everyone, and ensure that the expression of any personal beliefs is tactful and professional, and does not compromise the right of other individuals to feel safe and respected
  • Keep any physical contact safe and socially appropriate
  • Speak up if something makes you uncomfortable, or if you notice another participant may be uncomfortable
  • Listen with an open mind if somebody else speaks up
  • Behave with integrity

If you have a complaint or have been made to feel unsafe or unwelcome while engaging with us, please follow our complaints procedure. If you have feedback or questions you would like to discuss informally, please contact:

Last updated: November 2022
Review date: November 2024