Leda and the Swan

Leda Media.jpg

Leda and the Swan by Michael Morse McDonald (1992)

Leda and the Swan was gifted by the artist to The Parks Trust in 1992. Carved from granite, originally sited at Willen Lake due to the number of swans that grace the grounds and lakeside. The carved piece shows a swan with its wings outstretched, wearing a chain at the base of its neck. Opposite is a female figure with her hand on its neck.

Based on Greek mythology, the tale of Leda and the Swan has been a subject for many different artists in different mediums over the centuries.  Artist Michael Morse McDonald took inspiration from the Greek god Zeus disguishes himself as a swan to seduce Leda, a spartan Queen.

In 2022 the artwork was relocated to be part of the public art collection in Campbell Park. Leda and the Swan can be found in western corner of the park.  What3words location: ///headstone.weekends.hems.

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