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Support by Alec Finlay (2019)

Support by artist Alec Finlay was installed into the small Hawthorn copse near the pond at the bottom of the belvedere in Campbell Park at the end of 2019.  Commissioned by MK Gallery, it is in memorial to their former colleague Mike Stanley who sadly passed away 10 years ago but had had an impact on the public art collection in Campbell Park.  The artwork is made of 5 oak pieces created into supports and painted black for individual branches symbolising support needed in life. 

Alec Finlay is an internationally recognised Scottish artist and poet whose work crosses a range of mediums and art forms and considers culture, landscape and ecology.  Working with MK Gallery in the early 2000s Alec worked in Campbell Park in temporary installations such as creating wheat and poppy fields and an artistic bird box trail. 

The location for this piece is one of the oldest parts of the park, an old Hawthorn copse believed to be part of the boundary for the farm which was here before Milton Keynes was designated as a city in 1967.

Support can be found in the Hawthorn copse by the pond at the bottom of the Belvedere. What3words backed.blockage.freed


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