Capture The View

Capture the View Media.jpg

We have installed a new art piece of public art at Furzton Lake, called Capture The View. It’s located near the café, where the framing structure allows viewers to look through and see the stunning scenery beyond.

Designed by Differentia, the beautifully crafted steel frame features laser-cut illustrations of wildlife that can be found nearby such as mayflies, otters, kingfishers, and herons. There are fourteen different images within the artwork, so see if you can spot them all on your next visit. We have created a fun spotter sheet you can use to help identify the species and check your answers.

The designer of the piece, Differentia, was chosen as the artist Stephen Pardue has previously crafted beautiful and creative outdoor pieces, often featuring wildlife. We wanted the artwork to celebrate local wildlife as well as engage residents with the challenge to spot the local wildlife within the design. The artwork also allows viewers to witness the changes in the landscape and habitats through different seasons, and to see the lake through a different perspective.

We want to create a digital timeline of Capture The View. Get involved by taking a photo, sketching or other interpretation of the view through the frame and share it on social media with #theparkstrust.

Download the spotter sheet:

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