Lime Leaf Stepping Stones

Stepping stones sulpture media.jpg

Great Linford Manor Park is home to a great old Lime tree, fondly known as the Linford Lime, which is between 300-500 years old. Some people think that the name 'Linford' came from where there was a river crossing (ford) between lime trees (also known as Linden trees), but there are other suggested origins for the name 'Linford'. Click here to find out more on the Great Linford History website.

Lime trees are characterised by their heart-shaped leaves and these stepping stones are a wonderful depiction, carved by local stonemason Louis Francis. They lead visitors from the footpath towards the Lime tree. 

You can find the Lime Leaves at What3Words: bleak.brushing.gratitude.

You can find the Linford Lime tree at What3Words: blown.machine.chugging.

Click here to watch a short video about the Linford Lime tree.

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