Pass the Parcel


Pass the Parcel by Walter Jack (2015-18)

A mile of English Oak that has been on a transforming journey across the Eastern Expansion areas of Broughton and Brooklands. The project started at Broughton Fields School and was moved to four other places along the way and at each point leaving a ‘parcel’ made of oak.

Pieces of sculpture left from the project can be found in Broughton Gate off Watercress Way as planters along with pieces called 'The Wood Store' by the play park in Brooklands off Broughton Grounds Lane and the final piece can be found as a Port Coche at Cooks Place, Brooklands.

Discover our parks

  • Broughton Brook


    D81_6510Broughton Brook St Leonards church park.jpg

    This park follows the Broughton Brook, from Magna Park near the M1 through Brooklands, Broughton Gate, Broughton and Pineham. It offers local residents an attractive and quiet place to escape into green space within the city. At Broughton Gate next to Southwold Crescent there is a popular children's play area, with another located at Kidderminster Walk.

  • Brooklands Meadow Park


    Brooklands Meadow - park.jpg

    While The Parks Trust maintains Brooklands Meadow Park it is not yet officially our land and is currently owned by Places for People. A modern, well thought out flood retention site with a dam structure, it ensures the surrounding houses don’t flood in times of heavy rain. As the area develops, there are plans for this park to link up with the other linear parks nearby.