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Triceratops by Bill Billings (1979)

Created from concrete and chicken wire, the Triceratops at Peartree Bridge is by local artist Bill Billings. The Triceratops is cared for by The Parks Trust and is repainted from time to time, with designs often coming from the local community. The Triceratops was repainted in 2018 by Bill Billings's son Ryan, using traditional colours. After repairs in 2023, it was repainted using a design from a local school child.

A poet, writer and painter, Bill Billings was also a truck driver who moved from London to work on the building sites of MK. He took part in the community art project to create the Concrete Cows and it was then that he learnt how to sculpt with wire mesh and concrete. Bill used this experience to design and create this 8.7 metre dinosaur. He actually slept in the belly of the dinosaur to stop any unwanted attention from curious people while still in the construction phase!

Triceratops is a well-loved landmark in Milton Keynes and resides in Peartree Bridge, just off the Ouzel Valley Park near the heritage site ofWoughton-on-the-Green. What3Words location ///trails.woods.ideas.

View a 3D model of Triceratops below

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