Fire Safety in Milton Keynes

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Fires can have devastating consequences to people, property, and wildlife. Below are some ways you can help reduce the risk of fires in Milton Keynes including tips from Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service.


Barbecues are not permitted in any of the greenspaces under our care due to the risks to public safety and the environment. Gas stoves are also not permitted.

If you’re having a barbecue at home then sensible precautions are to ensure you keep it away from flammable materials such as wooden structures, foliage and dry grass. It is also recommended to keep sand or water nearby in case of an emergency.



Bonfires are not permitted anywhere in our parks. They are also not recommended in private gardens due to the associated fire risks.
You can get more advice on bonfires from Bucks Fire and Milton Keynes Council.


Wildfires / Field fires

During periods of hot, dry weather, there is an increased risk of wildfires and field fires. To help prevent these from occurring, do not dispose of cigarettes on the ground, and always ensure that they have been extinguished before throwing them away.


Discovering a Fire

Call 999 if you encounter a field fire, noting the location. Do not attempt to tackle the blaze yourself. You can also use the what3words to be able to give a precise location to the emergency services

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