How To Make a Mini Pond

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Make a mini pond with your children and discover what nature you can attract to your garden! Follow the steps below or download the guide at the bottom of this page to print and follow at home. 

What you will need:

  • A large, hardy container for water
  • Gravel and stones
  • Spade
  • Pond plants (you can add these later)

How to make your mini pond:

  1. Find or buy a large, hardy container to make the base of your pond. This could be anything from a washing up bowl, a large plant pot or even an old kitchen sink! Top tip: if your container leaks, pop some plastic liners inside.
  2. Move your container to your designated pond spot. It can be raised or dug into the ground. The easier it is to climb into, the more animal will use your pond.
  3. Fill in any holes in your container and then lay a base of gravel at the bottom. You should also create stepping stones through your pond to help animals move around in the deeper water. Remember to create a shallow end to help animals get out easily.
  4. Fill your pond with water! Rain water is best as it doesn’t contain any chemicals. Once the pond is full, you can put in some pond plants using aquatic plant pots and soil from the garden centre.


Pond animals should keep your pond clean, but to start you might have to remove blanket weeds with a stick. You may also have to top the pond up when the weather is warmer. Be sure to learn all about the animals using your ponds with online ID guides!

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Download the guide:

  • Nature inspired activities and resources which you can do at home or in your local parks.
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