Bronze Award

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The bronze award is an acknowledgment that the school values its environment and should be achievable by all schools. It is valid for 1 year before the school would have to be re-accredited.

  • The Bronze Award gives schools a chance to win a session in one of the parks for up to 15 students

For this award, students give a tour of the work that the school has done or is doing to protect the local environment. This could be through a one-off event or a regular curricular club.

Examples of things your students could do:

  • Students conduct regular litter picks (at least half termly) of the school grounds. They could show us photos of what they have collected and show us how these areas look today.
  • Students build a bug hotel. They could show us photos of the build in progress and take us to see the bug hotel.
  • Students build/improve a wildlife area e.g. a pond. They could show us photos of the build-in progress and take us to see the area.
  • Students conduct a survey of wildlife on the school grounds. They could tell us about the surveys they have conducted, show us the results and explain what they have learnt about what they need to do as a school to improve the habitats for wildlife.
  • Students take part in an activity such as planning a grid square where they have to take into account how they will establish and care for the local environment for future generations. They should consider at least one endangered species, what is already being done in Milton Keynes to protect them and how they have incorporated this into their plan. Students could present their grid square designs and answer questions from The Parks Trust team about how they will care for the local environment.


Milton Keynes College - Team Horti Awarded for creating a new garden for wildlife including an orchard and outdoor learning space

Shenley Brook End School - Leo Moorhouse and Toby Shrimpton Awarded for recovering the school woodland area  

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