Primary School Assemblies

The Parks Trust can support local primary schools with assemblies that bring a range of outdoor topics to life.

These can be delivered in person, virtually, or via a pre-recorded video.


Water Safety Assembly: What Lies Beneath?

Milton Keynes is home to numerous lakes, long stretches of river, a canal and many ponds across the parkland. This gives lots of opportunities to explore interesting habitats, but there are many hazards associated with water bodies.

In this assembly, a member of The Parks Trust team explains how to stay safe in the wetter parts of our parkland. This talk will cover the dangers of ice in the Winter and swimming in the Summer.




Litter Assembly: Caring for Your Environment

We are lucky to have so many wonderful green spaces in Milton Keynes - not only to visit ourselves, but also as vital habitats for plants and creatures. 

In this assembly we will discuss the issues surrounding litter in our parks and the huge impact this can have on the environment. 

Students should leave with a greater understanding of the role they play in keeping our greenspaces clean and safe, alongside a greater respect for the planet.



Making Your Outdoor Spaces Wildlife-Friendly

Many creatures, large and small, live in Milton Keynes, and the joy and benefits they bring to us are huge.

In this assembly, adults and children will explore some of the wildlife that lives in our city, as well as learning a few simple ideas that can be done at home, school, or in the parks to make our local area a happy and safe place for creatures to live in.


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  • Find out how we manage litter in the parks and how you can help us prevent it in our virtual assembly.
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