What is the role of a JPR Coordinator?

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A Coordinator’s role is very flexible and doesn’t take up much time. We look for a commitment of approximately 2-3 hours a month, and you can run your monthly sessions at lunch or after school. 

As a Coordinator you will be expected to: 

  • Host meetings for your JPR students (whenever suits you, but at least once a month) 
  • Provide your students with the resources sent to you via the monthly newsletter from The Parks Trust 
  • Assist in giving your JPR team the platform to communicate their work (i.e. arranging assemblies for them to read the bulletin and finding a notice board space)
  • Help your JPRs maintain their notice board 
  • Communicate information relevant to parents such as the free workshops (please note: these workshops are run on occasional Saturdays in the parks. Coordinators are not required to attend. Parents are only required to drop off and collect the JPRs) 

What assistance do The Parks Trust provide?

  • A welcome pack with all the information you'll need to get started and support your team throughout the year 
  • Free resources provided via monthly newsletters including downloadable activities, and content for your noticeboard and assemblies 
  • Regular communication about upcoming events and how students should sign up for these 
  • A continuous point of contact within The Parks Trust
  • Support on applying for the Outstanding Ranger Award with the potential to win £200 worth of resources for your school 


Need more information? Email us on jpr@theparkstrust.com or call on 01908 972 950 / 233 600.



  • "It gave them a sense of responsibility and wanting to ‘make a difference’ in MK”

    JPR coordinator in MK Primary

  • “It boosted the children's confidence by speaking/reading bulletins in assembly and running competitions and quizzes”

    JPR coordinator in MK Primary

  • “It spreads enthusiasm across our school"

    JPR coordinator in MK Primary

  • “ JPR enriched and increased the children's environmental and wildlife knowledge through interactive Saturday workshops”

    JPR coordinator in MK Primary

  • “ …involvement with National and local environmental projects has developed a sense of belonging and contribution to important wildlife discussions”

    JPR coordinator in MK Primary