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    About Elfield Nature Park

    Elfield Nature Park is truly one of the hidden gems across Milton Keynes' parks. Its terrain that is rich in flora and fauna involves a mixed landscape of woodlands, grasslands, scrubs, ponds and ditches. This private site is used mainly for environmental education, with local schools and adult education groups visiting on an occasional basis.

    The Parks Trust acquired Elfield Nature Park in 2005 and has spent the years since creating new habitats, with two new ponds installed and 18,000 flowering shrubs planted. The flower-rich banks and ditches provide ideal habitat for a variety of insects, including bees, beetles, butterflies and moths.

    Elfield Nature Park also hosts one of the largest populations of Great Crested Newts in Milton Keynes and reptiles such as Grass Snakes and Slow Worms are also found. Because the site is quiet and undisturbed, it is sometimes used as a receptor for plants and animals threatened by development elsewhere in Milton Keynes.

    Several species of orchids, including the Pyramidal Orchid, have been introduced and have thrived here. Bats are abundant and use bat boxes installed in the woods and other mammal species include foxes, badgers and Roe deer.

    Please note, this park is not available for general public use.

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