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About Hazeley Wood

Hazeley Wood is a fantastic woodland in Milton Keynes for a peaceful and tranquil walk. The park is home to many essential habitats for abundant wildlife. In Summer, the mowed grass rides burst with wildflowers, drawing many butterflies, moths, and insects, bringing a diverse range of birds and bats looking for food. Over the colder months, Jays can be seen gathering acorns for Winter, and the woodland becomes a wonderful spot to find Fungi.

As it is a developing woodland, Hazeley Wood requires a lot of attention, and it is not unusual to spot our volunteers amongst the trees pruning side branches of the Oaks to improve their form. This practice is just one of the many fantastic jobs our practical volunteers carry out to maintain our green spaces.

Hazeley Wood was planted in 1991 by The Development Corporation, and in 1992, The Parks Trust took over its care and development when the charity was established. The wood features trees like hazel, oak, beech, hornbeam, and ash, providing a home for many insects and fungi. Around its edges, you'll find areas with wildflowers and an old hedgerow that hosts an array of wildlife.

At certain times, part of the woodland is reserved for use by the Milton Keynes Field Archery Club and we ask visitors to keep out of this area when the archery is taking place.


There is a small car park off Dansteed Way, about 100 metres after the Grange Farm roundabout. There are no public toilets in the woods.


The site is flat with grass paths and rides, although these may become soft in wet weather.

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