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About Kents Hill Park

Kents Hill Park is a fantastic destination in Milton Keynes, offering visitors a chance to appreciate an array of tree species within a small woodland that predates the creation of the city. Planted post-World War II, the woodland features a variety of conifers such as Douglas Fir, Corsican Pine, and Norway Spruce, evolving into an arboretum with diverse tree species like Redwoods and Sweet Chestnut, making it a must-visit for enthusiasts of nature.

The soil here differs from the usual clay seen across Milton Keynes, resembling that of Bow Brickhill Woods. This unique attribute makes it perfect for growing trees like Conifers and Sweet Chestnut, which typically struggle in clay soils.

While a quick walk around the park is delightful and highly recommended, there is also an opportunity to explore other local parks in the area. For those seeking a longer adventure, Ouzel Valley Park is right around the corner and seamlessly connects with Kents Hill Park.


A car park is located off Hawkhurst Gate and Timbold Drive. Charging points for electric vehicles can be found here. No public toilets are available.


There are steps out of the car park entrance, but you can access the park elsewhere. The paths throughout the park are hard surfaces.

Explore parks nearby

  • Ouzel Valley Park

    The Ouzel Valley Park meanders from Caldecotte Lake in the south to Willen Lake in the north. The park has a spacious, open atmosphere with long views. Much of the land is farmed by The Parks Trust rearing our own cattle and sheep, between the livestock you can still see the remnants of an old field system with the ridge and furrow still visible. Incorporating the historic villages of Woolstone and Woughton, the park is bordered on its western side by the Grand Union Canal.

  • Walton Lake

    Originally built as a 'balancing lake' for the River Ouzel, Walton Lake is one of the richest spots in Milton Keynes to enjoy wildlife due to its mature reed beds.

  • Caldecotte Lake

    Planning an outdoor adventure in Milton Keynes? Explore the beautiful location of Caldecotte Lake. Whether its watersports, bird watching or children’s activities, you’re sure to have a great family day out, with lots of space for little ones to run around, plus some tranquil corners to relax as well.

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