Kents Hill Park

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    Interestingly, the soil beneath this woodland is not the typical clay found across Milton Keynes, but is more like the soil in the Bow Brickhill woods. This makes it an ideal location for growing trees such as conifers and Sweet Chestnut that don’t normally favour the clay soils.  More recent additional tree planting can be found in the parkland around the wood.

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    Kents Hill Park is one of the best places to go in Milton Keynes to look at trees. The woodland was planted after the second world war and includes a variety of conifers including Douglas Fir, Corsican Pine and Norway Spruce. The area is becoming something of an arboretum with a broad variety of tree species such as Redwoods and Sweet Chestnut.  

    It doesn’t take long to walk around Kents Hill Park, but it does link into the other local parks and connects with the Ouzel Valley Park if you want to take a longer stroll.

    Car parking
    A car park is located off Hawkhurst Gate and Timbold Drive. Charging points for electric vehicles can be found here.

    There are no public toilets in the park.

    Disabled access
    There are steps on the way out of the car park entrance but you could access the park from elsewhere. The paths throughout the park are hard surfaces.

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