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Enjoy an introductory archery session in the parks or join a club!

Discover the ancient tradition of archery, now a blend of ancient skill and modern sport, archery is the art of shooting arrows with a bow at a target.  Originating thousand years ago for hunting, archery has evolved into a modern sport with various styles and challenges.  Archery provides numerous benefits such as enhanced physical fitness, improved concentration, and a deep sense of connection to history and culture.

Out in the parks there are several opportunities to get involved with archery.

If you have ever visited Hazeley Wood then you might have spotted the Milton Keynes Field Archery Club in action. This club are registered with both the National Field Archery Society and the English Field Archery Association. Find out how to join the club on the Milton Keynes Field Archery website.

Willen Lake hosts archery sessions aimed at complete beginners. Sessions last 90 minutes and are suitable for ages 8+. 

Caldecotte Xperience offers a variety of exciting activities and learning experiences for young people and adults including archery. Find out more about their archery sessions.

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