Off-Road Cycle Trail

The off-road cycle trail at Campbell Park opened in summer 2019. 

The track was installed because of the increasing popularity and demand (at all levels) regarding off-road cycling, along with recognition and the success of the Cyclocross event in 2018 and the World Cup event back in 2014. The course was inspired by both of these previous courses but changed to allow riders to enjoy some of the quieter parts of Campbell Park, while enjoying the challenges of the undulating terrain.

The track has been mown into the long grass across the park or through our woodland areas and where we have some turns, we have tried to make these more obvious with gravel markings. Each lap is 2.5km and has been created to be suitable for less experienced riders.

The track is intended for all riders with Mountain (MTB), Cyclo-cross (CX) or Gravel bikes and has been created to not be too technical although there are some steep gradients with riders climbing to 85m per lap!

Please see below a photo of our information board which is displayed at the start of the trail:

See the video of the trail at the top of this page which was filmed with the help of Velobants CC. It gives you a great insight into the trail.

When using the trail can we please ask that you follow of our Code of Conduct;

  • Make sure your bike is in good working order and suitable for the trail. Helmets should be worn at all times.
  • The trail is one-way, only ride in the marked direction and keep to the marked trail.
  • Riders ahead of you have right of way. Warn others of your approach in plenty of time.
  • The trail occasionally crosses leisure routes - give way to pedestrians and other cyclists. Stop for horse riders & be aware of grazing sheep.
  • The woodland areas may be gated when sheep are on site (usually January to March).
  • The trail is intended for informal riding. If you wish to arrange a formal event, please contact our Events Team on

We would love to hear your feedback and see any pictures taken whilst using the trail, please share these on our social media channels by tagging @theparkstrust.

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