Hosting Events in Our Parks

The parks are ideal places to hold your own event, from community picnics to sporting events; to large concerts and festivals. Milton Keynes’ parks host over 500 events each year and we welcome requests from groups and organisations to organise their own events and activities in our parks.  We work with many groups to hold safe and successful parkland events. 

To stage your own event, read an organiser’s pack and the rate card, and then contact the Events Team on 01908 233600 or

All events and organised activities need an event licence, this is so we can help ensure that the event is safely organised and doesn’t clash with other activities taking place in the parks. An event licence gives permission to host your event and lists the terms and conditions that organisers need to abide by to protect event participants, other park users and the parks themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Parks Trust hosts around 500 events in Milton Keynes' parks every year

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  • Fitness Groups & Clubs make up 72% of events & activities held in our parks

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