Art in the Park

Art in the Parks - Media Image

Expand your class’ knowledge of sculptural art with our activity ideas based on the art work found in Campbell Park. These activities can be done remotely, or as part of a trip with our Outdoor Learning Team.

Students can participate in our Art in the Park activities and aim to learn about:

  • Development of language of art, learning terms such as "conceptualism" and "media"
  • Experimenting with artistic planning and techniques
  • Exploring new types of media and materials

If you want your students to explore more of their creative side, in the Bring the Outdoors In activity, we have provided plenty of fun activities such as creating a colour wheel, a suncatcher or magic beans for them to get involved with.

Documents are suitable for all Primary ages with adaptations listed where necessary.

Did you know? We offer an "Art in the Park" session for Milton Keynes Primary Schools in Campbell Park! Click here to find out more and to book. 

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