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    About Shenley Toot

    Take in the natural beauty that can be found at Shenley Toot in Milton Keynes, where history, wildlife and livestock intertwine. Explore the medieval remnants of Shenley Church End, including the Toot mound and moat. Witness the vibrant wildflowers that blossom in Spring and embrace the peacefulness of the lime tree avenue. As livestock grazes the grassland, it nurtures the development of various wildflower species and provides a spectacular habitat for pollinators, insects and birds.

    Don't forget to visit Shenley Wood nearby, a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with great seating areas and beautiful views of the ancient woodland.

    Head over to our Shenley Toot Heritage Page to learn more about the remains of the motte and bailey castle found within the area.

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    Car parking can be found down Aldwycks Close, off Vache Lane and V3 Fulmer Street. A footpath from here can be followed into the Toot.

    There are no public toilets or refreshments available in the park. 


    There is no disabled access to the site. The site can be viewed from public paths going around the site, albeit with some gradients.

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