Tree tots

Three toddlers exploring Howe Park Wood wood at Tree Tots

Pre-school toddlers and their parents are invited to join our Outdoor Learning team for a weekly toddle around Howe Park Wood followed by a “Nature Play” session either in the wood or at the education centre. 

The session is specifically designed for pre-school children and their parents or carers. Activities will vary according to the weather and the season.  As much of the session as possible will be outside playing in Howe Park Wood. We will always go out for at least some of the session, but we may end up back at the Education Centre on occasions where a variety of activities will be offered. These will range from stories, exploring natural treasure baskets, or making things with natural bits and bobs we have collected on our toddle in the woods.

Sessions run each week with a morning bookable session from 10am - 12:00am.  Prices are £2.50 per child, those under one year are free.

For further details please email:  To book, follow the links:


Also look out for our Travelling Tree Tots sessions which run each month, in a different location each time.

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    Howe Park is probably the woodland mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086. Parts of it may be rare surviving fragments of the 'wildwood' that covered the whole of lowland Britain after the last Ice Age, 6-11,000 years ago.

    There is a café at Howe Park Wood serving cakes, drinks and cold foods.