Free Trails and Augmented Reality Games in the parks

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Ever wanted to go on a guided walk but the times never suit you? We have been working with MK Council, Love Exploring and community organisations across MK to help them build trails for their free App so you can go whenever you like.

So far, we have helped them develop three Tree ID walks to help people explore and learn about the trees in our parks. Atterbury, Waterhall Park and an Ashlands to Simpson - trails are going to be released in Spring. We are also working with them on heritage trails and you can take part in mindfulness walks in places like Linford Wood, the Tree Cathedral, Shenley Wood and Waterhall Park.

There are also augmented reality Games to play in the parks on the free App – ranging from finding dinosaurs to exploring space. Dinosaur Safari’s and the Space Walk are currently in Stanton Lowe, Ashlands, Campbell Park, Willen Lake and many other parks across MK.  Future games will be released to coincide with school holidays. We are particularly looking forward to the release of Mega Minibeasts in July and Butterflies and Moths in August. For full details, download the App and explore.

Trails include:

  • Tree ID walks: Atterbury, Waterhall Park and Ashlands to Simpson
  • Mindfulness Walks: Linford Wood, Tree Cathedral, Howe Park Wood and Waterhall Park
  • Sculpture Trail: Campbell Park
  • Heritage Trails: include Bancroft Roman Villa, the Railway Walk and sections of Ouse Valley Park

We hope to add to these over the next three years.


  • Out now: Dinosaur Safari
  • April: Space Walk
  • May: Tree Fairies
  • July: Mega Mini-Beasts
  • August: Butterflies and Moths

This joint project is for three years and is being paid for by Public Health at MK Council. To find out more about the project click here and download from your normal App stores or