Make your own balance scales

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You can make a simple balance scale at home with only a few items. It will be loads of fun for your toddler to watch the scales shift as they weigh different objects.

What you will need:

  • Plastic clothes hanger with hooks on either side
  • String
  • 2 small buckets or 2 plastic cups (they must be the same size)

How to:

First you will need to make the scales.

  • If you are using buckets, cut two 30cm pieces of string. Tie one end of each piece string to the handle of each bucket. Tie the other end of each string to the hooks on either end of the hanger.
  • If you are using plastic cups, carefully punch 3 holes evenly around the rim of each cup. Cut 6 30cm lengths of string and tie each end around each cup’s punched hole. Gather the loose strings of one cup and tie them to one of the side hooks on the hanger, do the same with the other cup on the other side of the hanger.

Hang the hanger anywhere it can freely tilt, but is low enough for your child to reach. Have your child collect various natural objects to compare their weight. You can suggest seeing how many small rocks equal the weight of a big rock, or if a collection of pine cones is heavier than a handful of leaves!

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