Pooh Sticks and River Races

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The bridges in Milton Keynes' offer a fantastic opportunity for fun! The rivers fast currents are fascinating and exciting to watch. Have some fun playing pooh sticks with your little ones – as made famous by the A. A. Milne stories – from the safety of bridges.

What you will need:

  • Floating natural objects like sticks and leaves
  • Find a bridge over a river
  • Tote bag

How to:

Collect a few different sized sticks and leaves in your tote bag. Carry them to a local bridge over a river. Have each person drop an item of their choice on the upstream side of the bridge at the same exact time. Hurry to the downstream side of the bridge to see which item made it across faster.

Try this with different size sticks and leaves and at different points on the bridge to see which is the ultimate speedy combo!

Remember not to enter any bodies of water or cross any paths where rivers have burst their banks as this can be very dangerous. Stay safe and keep to dry land and only splash in puddles.

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