Potion Mixing

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What kind of special powers will your toddler's potions have? Encourage your little ones to mix different natural materials to come up with some slimy fun!

What you will need:

  • At least 4 small bowls or pots
  • 1 large bowl or pot
  • Mixing spoon (a stick works well too)
  • Natural materials (grass, water, mud, etc.)

How to:

  • With your toddler, gather up at least 4 different natural materials into each small bowl. You might have bowls of grass, water, mud, rocks, leaves etc.
  • Encourage your child to add bits from each small bowl into the big bowl to create a magic potion! They will love mixing their creation with a mixing spoon or large stick. Add even more bowls to create different potions.
  • While we certainly discourage eating the potions and would ask you to remind your child it is just for play, peak your child’s curiosity by asking what super powers their potion possesses. Maybe it can make you fly or turn you invisible! Give it a sniff, what does the potion smell like? Does it smell different if you add in more bits? What does it feel like? There's endless messy fun to be had!

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