Leaf Rainbow

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This time of year is ideal to explore all the gorgeous leaves that have fallen to the ground - the perfect height for toddlers to admire! Celebrate National Tree Week by creating a leaf rainbow in your local park. 

What you will need:

  • A bag for collecting leaves
  • A camera

How to:

Have a walk around a local wooded area full of a variety of trees. Encourage your little one to study the different shapes and colours as you go along. Collect several leaves in a variety of colours. Find a nice area in the woodland sheltered from wind to assemble a rainbow out of your leaves. This time of year you can find red, orange, yellow, green, purple and brown if you look closely! Take a photo of your rainbow but leave the leaves behind. Share the photo with your friends and encourage them to add to the leaf rainbow or add to it yourself on your next visit to the park. 

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