Nature Bunting

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Little ones love our exploratory walks through Howe Park Wood and they are easy enough to do in your local park or woodland. Encourage your toddler to collect their findings along the walk to make a lovely nature bunting for the garden or to hang outside your house!

What you will need:

  • Small tub for collecting items
  • String or rope (as long as you would like your bunting to be)
  • Clothes pegs

How to:

Go on a stroll at a nice, relaxing pace. Ask your child to look out for leaves, twigs, bark, etc. Encourage them to pick up anything they like and give it a closer look and feel and pop it in their tub. Engage in a discussion about how each item is different. After collecting several items in their tub, return home.

Hang the rope at an appropriate height for your little one to reach and help them attach their items to the rope using clothes pegs. Play around with different patterns, colours and shapes! You can even leave your bunting up and add to it all summer long. 

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