Get Fit at Willen Lake

    14 March 2018

    Willen Lake is a great destination for those wanting to keep fit in the fresh air – there’s lots to do, whether you want to try a paid for activity or simply make the most of our free facilities.

    Here’s our top five suggestions below:

    1. Give stand up paddleboarding a go – popular with celebrities including Rihanna and Pierce Brosnan, stand up paddleboarding is a great low impact exercise that helps core stability and leg strength. We offer Discover sessions for those new to the sport, or if you have tried it before you can hire a board and head out on to the lake

    2. Go for a run or walk – Willen Lake is the perfect picturesque location for a run – all year round. A circular route around both lakes is around 5k, but you can change this up to make it longer or shorter as required. A 5k Parkrun is held at the lake every Saturday if you like to run with a group.

    3. Challenge yourself at Treetop Extreme. This is a high ropes adventure course that offers a great all body workout with particular emphasis on upper body strength and cardiovascular exercise. There are three courses to try so you can start easy and build up.

    4. Navigate our trim trails – there are a number of trim trails (outdoor exercise equipment courses) at Willen Lake – you can build these into a run or walk to mix the gym with the outdoors.

    5. Try one of our sailing courses – you don’t need to be out on the open sea to sail; Willen Lake is a perfect spot during the spring and summer months. Sailing lowers stress levels and mental wellness, while also building muscle strength and endurance. We offer expert tuition and when you’ve got your qualifications, you can hire sail boats to take out on your own.

    If you’d like more inspiration, take a look at the Activities section of our website – there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!