Smiles all round at Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park Banner.jpg
23 August 2018

The inspiring combination of yoga, mindfulness and Campbell Park’s amphitheatre proved to be just what Milton Keynes needed last weekend. Some attendees dusted off their yoga mats that had been redundant over the summer, many came for their very first taste of yoga and some simply loved the idea of bringing their practice outdoors. The risk of rain showers didn’t stop a group of around 50 people from spending 90 minutes together feeling the breeze, listening to the sounds of the park and busting out some yoga shapes!

Instructors Kelly and Christine, who both work at Whitespace Studio in Stony Stratford, guided attendees through a yoga practice that really was for everyone. From breathing mindfully to unravelling the week with movements to warm the hips and shoulders, downward facing dogs to a warrior sequence that made everyone feel so strong and warrior like. Amongst the connections, deep breaths and peaceful moments there were smiles and lots of laughter.

A percentage of money from this event was donated to Mind MK – an inspiring charity providing much needed support for mental health in our community.

Our lives are becoming increasingly busy and it can seem very easy to slip into autopilot as we just about make it to the end of the work day or week just to get to the evening or the weekend. This racing through our lives, constantly propelling forwards can lead to us physically suffering with poor posture as well as mentally struggling to connect with what we are doing. Our minds can quite quickly take on a feeling of overwhelm and an inability to cope with the day to day stuff thrown at us from the outside as well as the noise generated inside.

Yoga and mindfulness are great tools to add to any self-care tool kit. Yoga brings together movement with breath and mindfulness is noticing where your mind is, how it is and bringing it to the present moment. Quite often we find ourselves rehashing the past or rehearsing the future and we miss what is happening right now in this very moment. Yoga and mindfulness can teach you how to live in the moment, to notice the quality of your mind and to breathe.

More sessions are being held over the next few months by this yoga duo to bring yoga and mindfulness to Milton Keynes, making the most of the beautiful spaces across the city.

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Photo by Benny Hawes – Benny Takes Photos